Meatless Monday’s

I have decided to restructure my posts a bit to make things a bit easier for me and for all of you. I am planning to post three times a week. On Monday’s will be meatless monday’s (see post below). Wednesday’s will be “Workout Wednesday’s” where I will share, workouts and general health and wellness posts. Friday’s will be “Cooking with Friends”, at least once a week I cook a vegan meal with a friend. I will be sharing these experiences and recipes with you.

So, Meatless Monday’s, most of you have probably heard this term. I have recently learned that this movement started during WWI to reduce consumption of key supplies to aid the war movement. It was then continued during WWII and reintroduced in 2003 as a way to promote healthier living. Going meatless once a week is not only good for your heart, colon and weight but is also great for the environment. It’s estimated to take nearly 2,500 gallons of water just to produce 1 pound of ground beef, and countless thousands of gallons more are polluted by animal waste. So, your little family makes a huge impact by simply avoiding meat one day a week!!!

Here are some ideas:

omelets or Quiche filled with veggies with roasted potatoes and a big fruit salad.

3 Bean Chilli served with cornbread and lots of toppings.

Veggie Stir Fry over Quinoa or brown rice.

Pasta with white beans and a veggie sauce served with green salad and yummy sourdough bread. Or, ravioli, veg lasagna, cheese pizza… you get the picture!

Rice and Beans with an avocado salad. Black bean taco’s with guacamole and salsa.

The list could go on and on!! Here is one of my favorite and easy veg meals:


Fantastic Foods taco “meat” (you could forgo this step and be fine)
Vegetarian refried beans (make sure there is no lard in the ingredients…ewww who want to eat lard anyway???)
Fresh Guacamole (I smash some avocado with fresh garlic, lemon juice and salt)
Salsa of your choice (pico de gallo is my fave)
I use Tofutti Sour Cream (but you can use regular)
Green or black olives
Shredded Lettuce
Ranch dressing (for kids who will eat anything covered in ranch:) )
Whole Grain Tortilla’s

Brush your tortilla’s with some Olive oil and season with salt. Bake at 350 until they are crispy.
Spread the refried beans on the bottom and proceed to top with your choice of toppings.

My family LOVES this easy meal. We all make our tostada’s differently and it is fun to get your kids involved to make their own. It’s kind of meal/salad all in one:)

Every Monday I will post more recipes and motivating facts for all of you. Hope some of you will join me by going meatless on Monday’s!

Much Love,

Your Vegan Friend


3 thoughts on “Meatless Monday’s

  1. Im so glad you posted the recipe, I have been meaning to ask you how to make your tostada’s!! Thanks 🙂

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