Tofu: Tastes just like chicken…except it doesn’t.

I recently made dinner with a good friend of mine and left the leftovers at her house. Her husbands response after eating said leftovers was “I didn’t think you ate good food”. Not only did he enjoy the dinner but he requested it again. This is a wonderful compliment to me and the way that I eat. I didn’t take offense at this comment because I know this is how many people feel. So, I am making it my mission in every circumstance I can to prove that vegan food is not only a healthy choice but tastes good as well.

The title of this post says it all. My coconut ice cream does not taste like dairy ice cream, but just because it’s different doesn’t mean it is not good. I have learned to enjoy the new tastes and textures that my diet has to offer. As a friend of mine who recently went vegan said, so many more options open up to you when you adopt this way of eating. You are suddenly thinking outside of the box and figuring out that there is more to vegan eating than so-called “rabbit food”.

The recipe I made for my friend and her husband was a tempeh (tem(Pay)) Marsala over rice. It is hearty and delicious but does not taste like chicken. I also recently made a vegan deep dish pizza with cashew cream sauce instead of cheese. The cashew cream was simple and just plain delicious, didn’t taste like cheese, but we certainly didn’t miss it! I ate that meal with two cheese lovers and they both agreed with me (as did my hubby who ate more than I bet he would care to admit). We also ate a wonderful Fennel Salad, click link for recipe. I make lasagna with tofu “ricotta”, faux egg salad, tofu breakfast scrambles, some mean mashed potatoes and many vegan cookies, cakes and the like. I am deprived of nothing and don’t miss much.

I say all of this not to convert all of you wonderful and much appreciated readers into vegans, but to say have no fear! Try some new things with an open mind. It will not necessarily taste like what you are used to, but you are certain to enjoy it. Who knows, before you know it you may start making more veg centered meals.

There are some links to click above for recipes. I will post the Tempeh Marsala and Pizza recipes once I have perfected them. To tide you over in the meantime here is one of my favorite non-healthy vegan recipes. These are dangerous so make sure you SHARE:)

Link for the cookies. Hint: I use regular cocoa and 3/4 cup of chocolate chips.

Much Love,

Your Vegan Friend


2 thoughts on “Tofu: Tastes just like chicken…except it doesn’t.

  1. Thanks for including those recipes. I have always thought traditional alfredo sauce was a little heavy and very fattening so Cashew Cream Sauce is going to be my substitute from here on.

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