Take a Hike!….or walk.

Hi All!

Your Vegan Friend is back! I am exited to be connected to my new website, http://www.yourveganfriend.com and will be working hard in the next few months to keep making it better and providing all of you with recipes, ideas, work out tips and just plain inspiration.

We have recently had some circumstances in our life that have left me spinning and just a bit depressed. Because of the stress and general busy-ness of said circumstances I wasn’t making much time to work out. I was feeling down, weepy, overwhelmed and alone. I live in optimistic land most of the time and can usually snap myself out of these moods quickly, but for some reason I would wake up in the morning and feel a darkness and heaviness all around me that was difficult to shake. I wasn’t craving my usual fresh goodies, all I wanted was a combination of carbs, carbs and more carbs. Just because I eat a vegan diet does not mean there are not plenty of unhealthy and processed items at my fingertips. I didn’t really want to talk about it or see anyone for that matter but I know myself well enough to know it could only help.

I scheduled to meet up with two of my closest friends. All of our kids were in school so we had time to just hang. I think it took me approximately 2 minutes from walking in the door to start crying and venting about my situation. We didn’t have definite plans, so one of these wonderful girls said, “Let’s take a walk, we all need to workout anyway, let’s walk and talk”. So, we walked for about 3 miles at a brisk, heart pumping pace while I vented, cried some more and got some much needed compassion, humor and relatable advice.

I left that hangout feeling like I could conquer the world. I left refreshed, inspired and feeling supported and loved. I came home that day a made a huge salad:) It was an “A-Ha” moment for me. Not only did I sorely need the unconditional love and support, I needed that walk. My body needed to move, my heart needed to work and my brain needed to focus on something other than stress. My lungs needed fresh air and deep breaths, my eyes needed to focus on something outside of just me and I needed to remember what it felt like to sweat.

This is not rocket science, although there is plenty of science to back up the link between fitness and our general wellness. This was simply a walk, no equipment, no gym, no fancy clothes, just sneakers and pavement, I know we all have that. Sometimes it’s just that simple. Did my issues go away, certainly not, but I was much better equipped, body and soul,
to tackle the problems in front of me. Not only that, my issues didn’t feel like such a big deal anymore once I got them out of my head.

I needed this particular walk to wake me up, to remind me of who I was and what I loved. I have had some hip and knee problems recently that have prevented me from running and I have missed it. Since that walk, my husband and I have started taking daily walks together. We connect, share ideas, plan our day, laugh and only once in a while argue…just a little;) We get home renewed and ready to take on whatever the day may bring.

I’m not in any way trying to say that a stroll will fix your problems, but it’s a start. If you need some inspiration or motivation just get up and move, do something today, go on a prayer walk, put in your headphones and blast music that moves you or stay quiet and take some deep cleansing breathes. Grab a friend, a spouse, a neighbor and go for a walk or run after dinner or early in the morning or after drop off at school. You will be amazed at how much better you feel.

Walking makes you hungry so here is what I made for my husband and I after our walk this morning.

Tofu Scramble:

1/2 onion chopped
1 small portobello mushroom chopped
1/4 red pepper chopped
1 clove garlic chopped
1 block extra firm tofu drained and dried in a towel (just drain the water and wrap it in a clean towel, squeeze a bit to get any extra water out and set aside)
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
a dash of cayenne pepper
salt and pepper to taste

sauté the veggies with just a little oil until onions are translucent ( I like to season my veggies with salt as well)

crumble tofu into the pan and season with the turmeric, cayenne and salt and pepper

Mix together and sauté until combined and cooked through (maybe 5-7 minutes)

I served this with sliced tomato, a gluten free english muffin and some red grapes. It’s full of veggies and protein to start your day off right. You can also add any veggies that you would in an egg scramble, be creative!!!

I hope we all find some inspiration this week!

Much love,

Your Vegan Friend


One thought on “Take a Hike!….or walk.

  1. Loved this post. Walking, hiking and yoga are really great activities that I use to help me when I’m down. I do them often to maintain my physical and mental health. Definitely want to try the tofu recipe!


    I’m going to try and post your blog on my page…I really like your blog! 😉

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