Ganas is a spanish word which translated literally means: desire, inclination. My husband defines it as guts, will and desire (ala Stand and Deliver). This is my new favorite word. This may just be my theme word for 2013.

My goal this year is simple. To live and act without fear. To have the guts to follow through with the things I want to do. After all, aren’t fear and excuses the main things that hinder us?  I am simply tired of not accomplishing goals and making excuses for myself.

One of the character traits we are consistently trying to build in our kids is the ability to take responsibility for their actions. No blaming, no excuses. If you did something wrong, own it. If you didn’t do something you were supposed to do, admit it. It’s much easier to learn and accept those teachings now over brushing your teeth or breaking a toy than to learn them later. Personal responsibility makes things much more simple. You either did it or didn’t do it, simple as that.

Do you have a goal you want to accomplish? Work hard and get at it.

One of my best friends just trained and completed her first marathon. One of her biggest frustrations during training was when people would say to her “I would love to train for one, I just don’t have the time”. This particular friend works 3 jobs and has scheduled her life in such a way that she still is home with her 2 kids a majority of the time and manages to cook healthy meals for her family most nights. She didn’t “technically” have the time. She wanted to do it, so she made the time to do it. If we want something badly enough,  we will make it happen. I have many impressive friends that I will continue to share more about in future posts:)

“I will exercise once I join a gym or buy a treadmill or have some money or have more time etc…” Own the fact that if you really want to get fit, no excuse (because all of those reasons are just that, excuses) you would. Isn’t it said, admitting the problem is the first step? What if the problem, the thing holding us back is really just, US!

“I want to eat healthy, but…insert excuse here.” There are too many free and simple tools available for us to keep making the same excuses.

Will this come easy? Nope, but nothing worth having is ever easy. This can however, be simplified if we get out of our own way and choose to have the ganas (the guts) to go for it.

I am speaking to myself here as well. This will be the year that I live up to all that potential people always talk about. This year I will not give way to fear. I have decided if an opportunity presents itself that scares me, I need to seriously consider it. I recently had a conversation about teaching Pilates at a local gym. My first thought was “well, I haven’t taught in a while, I am out of practice and on and on…” so, I decided to jump in head first and I am teaching my first class in a week.

I can’t remember a time where fear or excuses led me to greatness. Let this be our friendly New Years reminder and become people who inspire.

My next post will be a simple guide to getting healthy in 2013.

No Ganas, No Glory.

Much0 Amore,

Your Vegan Friend



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