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Delusions of Grandeur

Last night I was inspired. Most of the time my inspirations are fueled by my stomach and this was no exception. My mom and I had gone to the movies and had to pass an Asian fusion restaurant on our way to the car. Even though we had leftover lasagna ready and waiting for dinner, I could not get teriaki out of my head. So I surveyed my pantry and fridge and came up with a plan.

My brain does not work like a normal person’s (at least that is my impression) when I get inspired, I go to extremes. In my head, I do not only imagine the dish I am about to prepare, but the beautiful picture I will take of it, the sounds of my family oohing and ahhing over how amazingly delicious it tastes and my subsequent blog post that will of course, lead to me cooking said recipe on Ellen. Seriously, who does this? ? ?

All was going well, the sauce for my teriaki tempeh smelled amazing and my peanut noodle recipe was well on it’s way. Then, as I shook some red pepper flakes into the pan for my sauteed kale it took a turn. The top came off the spice jar spilling the entire full bottle of very spicy red pepper into the pan of freshly chopped garlic. This led to me frantically scraping out that pan, while my tempeh started to burn and my noodles overcooked. Gone was my beautiful dish and future appearance on Ellen. What I was left with were sticky, soggy noodles that had a weird after taste, mouth searing kale and some slightly crispy yet still edible Tempeh. My husband was now of the expert vegan opinion that, the tempeh sauce would taste much better on tofu and my son was gagging over the noodles. We ate what we could and then snacked on tortilla chips and salsa later:)

I say all of this to say that all of our cooking adventures won’t turn out to look like magazine covers. Our kids (or husbands/wives) may hate some of our food and some of our creations will be just plain duds. I always take pictures of my pretty food, I almost never document the duds, but that does not mean there have not been plenty of them! The point is to try new things, live and learn. Figure out what works and what doesn’t and have fun! I won’t be making those noodles again, I will always hold the top of my spice jars as I sprinkle and I will try the teriaki sauce over tofu next time. However, I won’t stop getting inspired and dreaming big. Tonight I am going to practice warming up leftovers while tap dancing to the oven timer…America’s Got Talent here I come:)!

Much Love,

Your Vegan Friend

Not so picture perfect tempeh over microwaved frozen broccoli.